The Acutes Clinic


The Acutes Clinic

Acute illness is often rather nasty and by its very definition it is usually sudden and an emergency. If you are not confident to treat yourself or your family it can be very difficult to make an appointment at short notice so I offer a virtual Acutes Clinic.  At the Acutes Clinic you will get to talk to or email me or one of my team to give details of your symptoms, we will ask you details of the situation and and with reference to your homeopathic history  and we will give you a prescription. If you want treatment to start immediately, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a comprehensive remedy kit. I suggest you get a kit like this one from Ainsworths. Click here for a link to buy them.

The Acutes Clinic is open weekday mornings from 9am to 10am and weekday afternoons from 4pm to 5pm. Your package can be used for you or your friends and family as long as they quote your reference.

Once you have bought your package, I will send you details of your reference number the phone number to call to speak to a homeopath. After each call, I will send you a statement of calls and your credit left.

The Acute Clinic packages of care are:

2 calls £30
5 calls £65
10 calls £140
20 calls £260
Remedy ordered from Pharmacy £9.00

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