Homeopathy at Home

You have heard about homeopathy being effective and safe and easy to use and you want to be able to use it yourself. Brilliant. This is how most homeopaths get started. You might want to treat the children for minor ailments and childhood diseases without going to the doctor. You might want to try something different for your headaches and coughs and colds. No problem. Homeopathy is pretty simple and easy to use.

A word of warning though. This is when a lot of people try homeopathic remedies and then decide it doesn’t work. It’s because they haven’t selected the right remedy or repeated it appropriately.

There are three keys to effective use of homeopathy at home:

  1. Knowing when it is appropriate that you try it out yourself and when it isn’t
  2. Knowing how to choose your remedy
  3. Knowing when to repeat the remedy

Go no further. Everything you need is here.

You can use homeopathy to treat ‘acute’ diseases. Chronic or long term ill health MUST be treated by a professional homeopath.  What’s an acute disease? Click here to see my video simply explaining when it is suitable for you to treat and when you need to go and see a professional homeopath.

Now you need to select your remedy. This is one of the things we go into detail on in the First Aid Homeopathy Course but here is your brief guide.

List the symptoms Repertorization sheet(see the picture to the left) for example if it is a headache what is the pain like? Throbbing, tight, burning, bursting? Where is it? What part of the head, left right, top, temples? Does anything make it feel better? Fresh air, cold flannel, hot drink? Or worse? Light, noise, talking, moving, fresh air? Is there any other change along side it like irritability, weepiness, blurred vision, nausea, hunger? Now you have a list of the symptoms, look them up in your repertory. If you are using a first aid it look at the list of ailments, choose headaches in this case and see which description most fits your symptoms. If you are using a book, first look up headache and you will see a LOT of remedies listed there. Go down the sub sections to find the description of the pain. Make a column list of all the remedies listed there. Now do the same for the location of the pain. Put them in the next column and so on. At the end you will have a few remedies that which have noticeably more ticks than others. Now look them up in the description of each of these remedies and choose the one that most fits the symptoms.

Potency is a very disputed subject in homeopathy but we don’t really need to go into it here because if you are using a homeopathic first aid kit (click here to see the Helios one) you will only have remedies in a 30 potency or if you have a childbirth kit you may have 200 potencies. 30 will be fine to begin with.

How to take the remedy.

Don’t touch it. Tip it from the lid into your mouth. Don’t eat or drink anything for 10 minutes before or after it. Let it dissolve under your tongue.

You might need to repeat the remedy again. Repetition of remedies is simple. Click here to see how to do it.

I hope this helps you gain confidence in using homeopathy. I’d love to hear what works for you.

If you’re having problems, you should call your homeopath or the Homeopathy Helpline on 0906 534 3404.

Homeopathic Pharmacies:

Helios Pharmacy click here to jump to their website

Ainsworth Pharmacy click here to jump to their website

Books I recommend:

Miranda Castro’s The Complete Homeopathy Handbook which is simple enough to use as a beginner and comprehensive enough that you won’t grow out of it.

Tricia Allen’s Your Healthy Child with Homeopathy