Who uses homeopathy

measured tumPregnant women are rightly wary about the side effects of medications and this is often the time women start using homeopathy for the first time. If you are looking for something to help with morning sickness, heartburn, sore breasts, back pain, constipation or varicose veins there are a variety of remedies to try. If you want to you can self-prescribe, but be careful and take note of whether you have a good reaction. If the process seems a bit too hit and miss to you, make an appointment and see a homeopath to take the guess-work out of the process. Measured mumSafe and easy to take, homeopathy is the natural choice for parents of young children. Most parents want to keep their children away from all but the absolutely necessary drugs. Some choose homeopathy as an alternative to conventional care and others to use it as a complement. Whatever you choose, your homeopath will have experience of working with children. In a friendly environment I might use observation and play to select a remedy. Be careful if you are treating your child yourself. Some things, like eczema are symptoms of chronic disease and need to be treated by a professional. measured belindaNow you are an adult, your most valuable asset is your health. Nothing is worth much without it. Because homeopathy is holistic and addresses all sorts of aspects of your emotional and physical health it can be used to keep you well rather than waiting for you to fall ill. Adulthood spans such a long period in our lives it is hard to generalise on the problems that might arise but consider homeopathy if you are suffering from tiredness, lack of motivation, depression, insomnia, period problems, poor libido, menopause, early onset of arthritis or if something just doesn’t feel right. Measured manMost disease is age-related, so many people turn to homeopathy as they get older. In general we are living longer lives. But, for many people that isn’t the same as living healthy, happy or fit lives. Homeopathy is a way proactively to take care of your health rather than just waiting for something to go wrong. It is never too late to start looking at your underlying health but this is a time of life when reaction can be slower. It is recommended that you see a professional homeopath as you get older rather than try things out for yourself.