Homeopathy: what is it?

alt="homeopathy Hackney"Homeopathy and The World Health Organisation

According the the World Health Organisation report ‘The status of Homeopathy Worldwide’ ‘homeopathy is the fastest growing and second most used system of medicine in the world’.

It is a system of medicine aimed to help you restore your own good health by stimulating your body’s innate ability to constantly heal itself. It is based on the fact that all living organisms automatically try to bring themselves back into health (for example the way skin heals itself when cut, or you throw up after food poisoning). It is a holistic treatment that uses tiny doses of specially treated substances from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms to create the necessary catalyst. Some people use homeopathy as an alternative health care system (ie they only use homeopathy) and for others it is complementary (ie they use it alongside treatment from their doctor).

Homeopathy consultations

Your consultations will be detailed and in depth. At root, what your homeopath is trying to find out is what specific medicine is exactly right for you. Doing this will involve you talking about your whole life in way way that might seem to be completely unrelated to your initial problem. But the reason for this is that a homeopath needs to understand what is the core and the essence of you to find a remedy that matches.

Although using like to cure like is acknowledged as a system of medicine as far back as the times of ancient Greece, the father of modern homeopathy is Samuel Hahnemann. He invented the way we dilute and potentise the remedies we use today and he outlined the way to find out what each remedy is capable of doing (call proving the remedy).

If you would like to know about evidence of effectiveness  here is a link to an interesting documentary. The translation isn’t great but the content is good.