The A to Z of homeopathy remedies

A is for Arnica

alt= arnica
Arnica Montana

Probably the most well known homeopathic remedy. Number one for trauma and shock as well as bruises, sprains and surgery. For pains that are sore and bruised in nature. Arnica tincture must not be applied to broken skin. The person needing Arnica is often in such a state of shock that their reaction is ‘Keep away from me. I don’t need help from anyone.’


B is for Belladonna

alt= belladonna homeopathy

Often needed for children (who are generally better able to develop a high fever than adults) expect a Belladonna patients to have a bright red face with dilated pupils. This is a remedy for an extreme fever, you can feel the heat coming off their body, not a mild fever remedy. The fever may bring on hallucinations and the patient is generally  worse for noise, jarring and bright lights.


C is for Causticum


Causticum is a remedy with a reputation for working for people who are passionate about justice. It is a good cystitis remedy, particularly when the symptoms have come on as a result of holding on and not going to the loo (like at school or a train journey). Symptoms for this remedy are burning and corrosive pains. Generally better from warmth and even warm damp. Worse for dry, cold.

D is for Drosera

alt= drosera homeopathy cough

Most famous for coughs. Spasmodic and irritating coughs like whooping cough. Deep, deep cough worse after midnight, worse after talking or laughing, worse lying down.




E is for Eupatorium

alt=homeopathy eupatorium

The keynote of Eupatorium is pains in the bones as if the bones have been beaten or broken. Flu with pains in bones and pains in eyeballs. Hoarseness worse in the morning with heat and rawness in the chest.



F is for Ferrum Phos

alt = ferrum phos homeopathy
Ferrum Phos

Ferrum Phos is considered to be one of the most likely remedies for the early signs of an infection, particularly if you are prone to getting colds. It is NOT the sudden violent onset like Aconite nor the high temperature of Belladonna, but when you notice gentle signs of something not being right with your health and a fever, but not a high one.


G is for Gelsemium


Gelsemium is well known for two particular aspects: a remedy that can be used for anticipatory anxiety (stage fright, exam nerves) that is better for taking alcohol (not recommended) and also for flu or cold symptoms that are characterised by shivers up and down the spine and droopy, tired eyelids.



H is for Hypericum


Punctured, incised or lacerated wounds, especially of parts rich in nerves as fingers, toes, beds of nails; intense pain and soreness; injuries from treading on nails, splinters, etc.; prevents tetanus; useful after amputations. Neuralgias, especially when no other remedy seems specially indicated; parts EXCESSIVELY PAINFUL and sore.


I is for Ipecac


The gastric symptoms are a major component in nearly all complaints that need Ipecac even when the complaint isn’t digestive in general. Violent and persistent nausea NOT improved by vomiting. However despite the nausea the tongue is clean and uncoated. Nausea brought on from over indulging (food or alcohol), cold and opiates.


J is for Jaborandi

alt= jacoranda

Jaborandi is a remedy you are very unlikely to find use for unless you are a practising homeopath. It’s used for problems where there are profuse excretions from many glands producing excessive saliva, tears from the eyes, frothy, thin sputum from a cough. It is often used in menopause (for sweats/hot flushes) and in eye complaints but of course, has its own distinct full remedy picture.


K is for Kali Bich

alt=kali bich
Kali Bich

Kali Bich is a remedy primarily known for catarrhal troubles with tough, tenacious, ropy discharges, generally yellow regardless of whether it is saliva, or phlegm; also tough membranes on mucous surfaces. Tongue often yellow – coated particularly at the base or glazed, dry and cracked. If there are pains, they will be in small spots (can be covered with point of finger) that are wandering, erratic, appear and disappear suddenly; periodic, neuralgic or rheumatic.

L is for Ledum

alt= ledum

Ledum is described as being for peevish, discontented people but, since the pains associated with this remedy are often long-standing, it is not altogether  surprising. For injuries to the eye and eye socket and for puncture wounds (think injuries and bites) that FEEL COLD BUT ARE BETTER FOR COLD APPLICATIONS. Rheumatic and arthritic complaints especially of small joints with the same thing of being better for cold applications.


M is for Mag-phos

alt=mag phos
Mag Phos

Mag phos for cramps and neuralgic pains, darting, lightning-like pains which feel better from warm applications and pressure. Therefore this is a famous remedy for period pains and colic which feels better from bending forward often with a hot water bottle or wheat bag. Unusually, it is a remedy that is often given in hot water.



N is for Nat Mur

alt=nat mur
Natrum Mur

Nat mur is a hugely well known remedy, famous mainly for herpetic eruptions (little blisters with clear fluid inside like herpes or shingles) and terrible headaches which are worse for bright lights and movement. (If you are thinking this sounds like Belladonna, it isn’t. They might be warm but not HOT and they won’t have hallucinations or a raging fever.) Mentally they are sensitive and easily upset but aggravated by consolation and disliking company.

O is for Opium

alt= opium

For ailments from fright especially where fear still remains long after the incident that caused it (months and even years later; I had a patient who needed this who was traumatised during the blitz and hadn’t got over it) with fear of impending death. All complaints with great sleepiness often no pain, no complaint, no desires. Also for inactivity of all organs especially alimentary tract; e.g. prolonged constipation with no desire for stool.


P is for Pulsatilla


Very changeable both of patient (mood up and down) and of symptoms (like pains that move or stools that might be hard or soft with no rhyme or reason). With a mood of sadness with tearfulness you will know it because they will tell you unlike Nat Mur who will keep it to themselves. People needing Pulsatilla feel better for consolation. They have a notable symptom of being generally easily influenced/compliant, but also can be super-stubborn. They are generally thirstless with nearly all complaints even with a dry mouth. Often for ailments brought on by getting (especially feet) wet. They usually feel better in the fresh air no matter what the symptoms are.

Q is for Quercus

alt=oak tree quercus
The Oak

Quercus is a remedy you are very unlikely to prescribe unless you are a professional homeopath. Of course, it has a full remedy picture but it also has two notable symptoms: swelling of the spleen from alcoholism and a whirling dizziness AFTER FLU: a complaint that is made more and more often these days with so much diagnosis of labarythitis.



R is for Rhus Tox

alt=rhus tox
Rhus Tox

Rhus Tox is a primary remedy for arthritis and rheumatic pains. The standout feature of this remedy is that pains are WORSE ON FIRST MOVEMENT and then ease up with continued movement. The patient feels worse in damp weather. It is also a remedy indicated in some sorts of herpes, like shingles for instance.



S for Silica

alt=homeopathic silica

This is a huge remedy and generally is only used for stimulating the body to get splinters out in first aid. Constitutionally the patient is anxious and timid  but irritable if aroused. They lack self – confidence but gets through by force of will. Children often obstinate and headstrong but cry when spoken to kindly. Sensitive people very affected by noise and criticism. Famous for VERY SMELLY SWEATY FEET.


T is for Tabacum

alt= homeopathic tabacum

For travel sickness whites better from shutting the eyes and in open air. Cold sweats with nausea and vomiting from the least motion.  Patient is usually deathly pale when this remedy is needed.



Urtica Urens

alt=homeopatic urtica urens
Urtica Urens

Stinging nettle, not surprisingly, is a remedy used for stinging pains with a (nettle-type) rash. It doesn’t matter if these come on from being stung by nettles, from heat rash and prickly heat or for any other reason. Also a remedy used in minor burns when they sting.



V is for Vespa


Vespa is not a commonly used remedy in first aid. More like APIS is required for stinging, burning pains with much heat and swelling after a burn or a sting. (But I have an A remedy already.) Vespa is used to treat stinging pains that are like red hot needles in the skin. Pains are better for cool and worse for heat. It’s a remedy used in some skin complaints and local swellings.


W is for Wyethia


Wyethia is primarily known as a hay fever remedy for use when there is a lot of itching. Itching especially on the upper palate of the mouth. A great feeling of dryness in the mouth and throat which can lead to much hemming and throat clearing.



X is for Xenon


A remedy that refers mainly to left sided complaints of the nervous system or female reproductive system. So left sided pains that are grinding, shooting, radiating, sudden or neuralgic. This remedy also has a curious symptom of the sensation of the floor being soft and woolly under your feet.



Y is for yttrium


Not very widely used and not well known but a Y remedy all the same. A singular constitutional remedy general involving inflammation of joints or organs. Various voice or speech problems such as hoarseness or stammering. Anticipatory anxiety about performing like other silver series remedies.



Z is for zinc

alt=homeopathic zinc

Zincum is a remedy of the nervous system primarily. It can be used for highly strung people who feel guilty or who have a dread of authority. Over sensitive to noise and other people talking. It is also a remedy needed some problems with arms and legs such as constant need to move arms and tingling and crawling in the legs.

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