Common homeopathic indigestion remedies

alt=indigestion homeopathy remediesHomeopathic indigestion relief remedies

Arg nit: is for indigestion where there is a lot of FLATULENCE with the emphasis more on BURPING although there is still farting. Wind from either direction is usually violent (loud, sudden and long). You can expect a craving for SWEETS. There is usually a psychological element to it which is anticipatory anxiety.

Arsencium: is for people often get DIARRHOEA. Whose digestion is easily upset. The pains are usually BURNING but better from warm/hot applications or drinks rather than cold. People needing Arsenicum usually feel exhausted and ANXIOUS. If there is diarrhoea it will burn around the anus. Revulsion at food and vomits everything. Often food poisoning remedy. Patient dislikes meat but desires fat.

Carbo Veg:  Indigestion with a lot of fermentation going on and EXCESSIVE ACCUMULATION of gas in the upper part of abdomen which feels worse when lying down and better for passing wind up or down. Burps and farts both offensive.

China: Like Carbo veg and Arsenicum people who need this are often WEAK by loss of body fluids (vomit, sweat and stool). They DON”T LIKE BEING TOUCHED. Especially gentle touch. Expect excessive flatulence not made better by burping but a voracious appetite even though eating only a little makes them feel worse.

Lycopodium: Like Arg Nit there is a great deal of ANXIETY for these people and often anticipatory anxiety like Arg Nit. However, it is more settled in the lower part of the abdomen with more FARTING than burping. They also have a craving for SWEETS. However they have a strong modality of being worse around 4 – 8pm.

Mag-carb: Irritable disposition when feeling ill.  They have a SOUR SMELL of whole body; all excretions tend to sourness. Indigestion PAINS ARE NEURALGIC and like shocks in the body. There will be acid dyspepsia, even vomiting with a large craving for meat and an aggravation from milk, cabbage and potatoes. Diarrhoea greenish.



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