You’ve made your own way in life. You’re strong and independent. You enjoy your life and make the most of it yet still you worry about your health and you wonder whether it is just an inevitable downhill slide. You look at your parents and wonder ‘what’s in store for me?’

Despite feeling confused about your choices you keep on trying to do the best you can to stay away from your GP as much as possible; you only take medication when you have absolutely no choice and you probably don’t know if that’s a good idea or not but struggle on when things are painful or uncomfortable because you don’t want to rely on drugs. You do your research on the internet, you listen to the radio, watch the right TV programs, read books on health, eat a good diet, you try and get exercise. You’ve worked hard and invested in staying as well as possible.

But it can feel like trying to navigate without compass or rudder.

Imagine there was someone who was as interested in your health as you are, who wants to know where you want to go with your life and will help you steer a course and take you forward into the best of health.

I want to live in a world where everyone has choice about their health, has the knowledge of how to improve it, has support to make changes and can have best of health and that is why I became a homeopath. I’ve been working with people like you for 25 years and in my experience homeopathy is the way forward for dealing with mental, emotional and physical health problems. I qualified as a professional homeopath in 1990, I’ve worked in private practice, and in the NHS and I continue my training and supervision to this day.

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