Coronavirus – What is it and where has it come from?

Those of you I’ve talked to about Covid-19 and the strange, strange place lockdown leaves us, will know that, at best, I am confused about what is going on. That is partly because I know that vaccines are NOT the answer to individual and public health issues, but also because there are noticeable positive outcomes from the lockdown that I really appreciate and don’t want to leave behind.  I also know that lockdown is causing a lot of problems of loneliness, isolation, suspicion and alienation – as well as damage to our international, national and personal economies.

This is a great video that I think explains what is going on and what we should and should not be doing about Covid-19 and whatever else comes our way. It is a call to all of us to take responsibility for restoring our external and internal environments to the best health we can.

Do watch the video, leave a comment below with your reaction and us know what changes you can make to improve the health of your own system and that of planet.


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