Coronavirus – strange times indeed

Stuck indoors
It’s just not normal

Whether you are being asked to shield yourself at home, work from home, not work at all, or you are still working when most of us aren’t, I haven’t spoken to a single person who isn’t finding these very strange times.

There are good things about this enforced change: travel is quick and quiet, lots of people are sleeping longer and better, we are having to get back to basics and we are a lot less distracted by our hectic lives however most people are experiencing a feeling of dislocation from their normal lives. ‘It’s like being jet lagged’ one patient said.

That made me think. In homeopathy we often use Arnica in a high potency for jet-lag; that feeling of not quite being here; not quite being able to navigate our environments.

Today I heard back from that patient.  I’d suggested that her symptoms sounded Arnica-like because of the feeling of unreality she was experiencing. She’s much better. Getting used to the way life is now, but still looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality.

Homeopathy is the opposite of a one size fits all prescription, but it is interesting to think that one of the most commonly known remedies, might be helpful in this very uncommon situation.

If you’re uncomfortable, think about what is going on for you and you think your symptoms match Arnica Montana, why not try that? If you find it hard to get in touch with how you feel, try and look for an on line meditation, it really helps to practice regularly if you timetable it in to your day. If it doesn’t help and you are really struggling, you could contact me or a homeopath near you for an appointment.


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