Homeopathy, fat and overeating

alt=girl eating donutsYou are overweight and still you eat too much. You’ve tried every diet in the book. There are things you just can’t stop eating once you start. Join the club, well, you probably have joined several as a way to stop eating so much and lose weight. I’ve had more people ask me if homeopathy can help with their weight than any other question.

The perfect storm

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know that I recognise ill-health (and I count being overweight and having an unnatural relationship with food as ill-health) as an external expression of your vital force being out of kilter. Being overweight, and especially overeating, has another dimension to it though. Eating erratically causes your vital force to go out of kilter.

You are in a vicious cycle

You overeat, you upset your vital force, your upset vital force causes more problems, one of which is probably to overeat. The problem is that we are all human. In evolutionary time we are still hunter-gatherers and it is very important for hunter-gatherers to eat when food is available. If you were lucky enough to have more food than you needed and you managed to put on weight, it would tide you over when there was nothing. But nowadays there just isn’t a time of the day when food is not available so our natural instinct is to continue to eat it until we get the ‘I’m full’ message.

alt=overeating vicious cycle

What’s wrong with eating until you get the ‘i’m full’ message?

Nothing at all. But if you are eating the wrong things you won’t get the message.

Why don’t I get the ‘i’m full’ message?

Well, there are certain substances that are contained in food that override the ‘I’m full’ message. High fructose corn syrup for one. Fruit sugar? Can that be so bad? Yes it is. It should be avoided at all costs. Barley malt syrup, Brown rice syrup, Dextrin, Fructose, Glucose Invert sugar, Lactose, Beet sugar, Maltose, Palm sugar, Sucrose, Dehydrated fruit juice, Ethylmaltol, they are all added sugar that you need to avoid.

Why do I need to avoid sugar?

Because it is sugar that makes you fat. Not only does it have the mechanism outlined above that means you can override your natural ‘I’m full’ message but it causes insulin to sweep out into your bloodstream to reduce the high sugar levels. In turn this causes you to feel a bit tired and want a sugary pick-me-up. And the icing on your cake: Insulin is called the Fat Making Hormone. Click here to see Robert Lustig talking about sugar and its role in your diet and health. What he has to say about Coca Cola will shock you.

How do I get around it?

The simplest way to get around it is to cook from scratch and not add sugar to your food. If you buy anything that is pre-prepared you need to look at the ingredients list and check. If you see any of the ingredients above, don’t use it. And you will start to see why I say cook from scratch. Almost every ready meal will contain one of them. ABSOLUTELY AVOID ANYTHING THAT IS LOW FAT. Fat is one of the things that makes our food palatable. When it is removed, what is left is unpalatable, so food manufacturers add sugar. It is no coincidence that the rising obesity epidemic started with the advice to avoid fat and the advent of low fat alternatives. Try to eat your carbohydrate in its most unrefined form.

What about homeopathy?

So the answer to ‘is there a homeopathic remedy that can help with obesity or my metabolism’, is yes. A good prescription will bring order back to your vital force. But if you continue to eat carelessly you will undermine the work it is trying to do. This is a partnership. I’ll find you a remedy; you take a serious look at your diet.

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