MENOPAUSE: Isabel’s story

I was having hot flushes and sweats that absolutely drained me. I run my own business and the whole thing was starting to have a negative impact on my business. I don’t know if this was connected, but I started getting indigestion. That was awful because I love food and I loved cooking and entertaining. I was going home knackered after work and could barely stay awake in the evening. But as soon as I got into bed I was wide awake. Previously I had been the world’s greatest sleeper. I couldn’t handle stress and that was a problem for work.

I suddenly started being very hot and restless at night. I started to have panic attacks and that is what sent me over the edge.

I tried Prozac for 6 months but it was not a lot of good. It didn’t seem to change the anxiety levels but I did get heart palpitations. Then I tried HRT. That was a bit of a disaster. I started to get lumps in my breasts and I felt pre-menstrual all the time. I couldn’t cope and more to the point nor could my husband and staff.

The appointment was a revelation. It sounds daft but it was only then that I realized that it all felt interconnected.

I would say that I gradually started to get better. After five months I would say I was totally better. What I would call tip-top. It was amazing that when Janet asked me about the indigestion I realized that I hadn’t had it for ages.

I didn’t see Janet now for another 3 months until I started to sleep less well at night. I went back and then I had the remedy in drops and then by the spring I was feeling completely better.

I think I started to understand what Janet was talking about when I need an appointment and now I only go when I start to feel wobbly in someway. Might be that I’m a bit overwrought; maybe I’ve had some restless nights; sometimes I just get the feeling. I think I’ve seen her about 3 times in the last 4 years but that seems to be enough.

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