Jealousy is eating me up

green heart jealousy
Jealous heart

So you get jealous, hurt and suspicious in your relationships? I know what that feels like. That feeling of being consumed by it when you can’t behave normally and you are ashamed to admit it to anyone. And the idea of speaking to someone only feels like it will weaken and cheapen you and make the problem more real. Continue reading

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Homeopathy at home – top 10 remedies

dreamstime_s_37765827.donePeople often ask if they can use homeopathy at home. The answer is yes. But illnesses and injuries happen at unpredictable times, usually when you can’t get the homeopathic remedies that you need. The pharmacies sell kits but if you haven’t got one, start your own. Store them in glass bottles, not plastic. They last for years. I’ve used a bottle of Nux Vomica that was 100+ years old with immediate good effect. Get 30 potency which is widely available and the most useful strength. You can buy them in many non specialist shops but to be sure that you have a good source of well cared for remedies, buy them from a homeopathic pharmacy like Helios or Ainsworth’s. See below for details. Continue reading

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Insomnia and why sleep is so important

Insomnia sleeplessness
I can’t sleep!

Yes, you know what it’s like to have insufficient sleep. You wake up feeling hungover, fuzzy in the head, heavy eyed, dull thinking, maybe with a headache, grumpy and not fit for the day. But do you remember what it’s like to wake up after a really good sleep? Feeling bright, cheerful, capable of getting on with the day and optimistic.

There is a reason for the difference. The brain, which is only about 2% of the body’s total weight, uses up 25% of its energy. All metabolism has toxic by-products which the lymphatic system carries away. So far, just basic level biology. But what happens to all the toxins that accumulate around brain cells (using a quarter of the calories you consume)? The lymphathic system is not connected to the brain. Continue reading

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Tick tock.

ImageTwice a year, every year the clocks change. We do it to have the most use of the daylight hours available, but for many people it’s not a blessing but a blight. The difference is only an hour and it happens at 2am when most of us are asleep, so why does it cause such a problem?

People report feeling anxious and depressed and sleep becomes disturbed when the clocks go forward or backwards. Night owls are especially badly affected when the clocks go forward because they can’t go to sleep early and some people take weeks to get back into their previous pattern.

The reason for all this disruption may be our circadian rhythms, the roughly 24hour cycles that rules all living beings. (Strictly speaking) these rhythms are generated by the body and transmitted through the intricate web of our interconnecting hormones, but these rhythms are also affected by temperature and daylight.

A change in the daylight, even by one hour, can cause disturbances in eating and sleeping. Eventually most of us adapt to the changes, but for some people the whole season feels uncomfortable and out of sync.

The answer is Arnica 200. 

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Too, too solid flesh

Hamlet got it wrong. This flesh, your flesh isn’t solid at all. It is made up of cells, which are made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, the vast majority of which is just empty space. They say that if you compressed all the ‘space’ out of atoms the entire human race would fit into a single sugar cube. I read that Tom Stoppard described the inside of an atom as the nucleus being the altar of St Paul’s Cathedral and the electrons being the size of moths. Oxygen has 8 electrons. So that is a lot of empty space. So by my reckoning we are beings made of energy. That’s hardly original as many ancient philosophies have said the same as per the Chakra System or the Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

But if you accept this (and I do) why would you think that treating the body with a material/chemical drug was doing anything other than messing things up further.

I accept that sometimes we feel that we have no alternative, because the pain is so bad, or even because we are compelled to by law, but a pain killer is a neurotoxin that disrupts the pain messages and prevents them getting to the brain and it is easy then to forget that the pain was there to tell you something.

An energy body needs energy medicine.

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Health. The relationship between you and your body.

I’m dizzy on standing up. Just stand up more slowly then.

Now I’m dizzy on turning over. Try and use your mobile phone less.

I’ve got heart burn. Be careful what you eat.

Breathless on walking up stairs (nearly expired on running upstairs). You need to get a bit fitter.

These aren’t symptoms of various patients of mine. They are my symptoms. And these are the conversations I’ve had with and bits of advice I’ve given myself.

Then one morning I had to get up early to go catch a flight and, in the clear light of the morning I realised that these weren’t just a list of symptoms, but at my age (59) they are also possible early signs of chronic disease.

I felt quite panicked at the thought and then I realised that actually I was lucky to have symptoms; to recognise them; to have ideas what to do about them.

So I am on a path to do something about it. I think I’ve got time and the to turn my health around and I am starting NOW.Image

The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.

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Why should you have on-going treatment?

If life is what you are struggling with, what’s the purpose of homeopathy? We were talking about this today. I think that the answer is two-fold.

1 Because it helps with how you feel right here and right now.

2 Because it enables your vital force/energy/life force/call it what you will, to react to a situation of stress and then return to health rather than leaving it to have to adapt itself to the new stress. Well, what’s wrong with adapting to a stress? Nothing really as long as it is the only one you are going to have to adapt to.

The way I see it, life exerts all sorts of stresses and strains on you and with the help of homeopathy you can get over them, let them pass and regain your equilibrium.

It was the difference between a timber framed building, which has hardly any foundations but which adapts to wind, rain, even a shift in the earth and still remains standing centuries later versus a concrete building in which you need the deepest foundations to ensure that nothing moves, because if it does the whole edifice crumbles.

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