Tick tock.

ImageTwice a year, every year the clocks change. We do it to have the most use of the daylight hours available, but for many people it’s not a blessing but a blight. The difference is only an hour and it happens at 2am when most of us are asleep, so why does it cause such a problem?

People report feeling anxious and depressed and sleep becomes disturbed when the clocks go forward or backwards. Night owls are especially badly affected when the clocks go forward because they can’t go to sleep early and some people take weeks to get back into their previous pattern.

The reason for all this disruption may be our circadian rhythms, the roughly 24hour cycles that rules all living beings. (Strictly speaking) these rhythms are generated by the body and transmitted through the intricate web of our interconnecting hormones, but these rhythms are also affected by temperature and daylight.

A change in the daylight, even by one hour, can cause disturbances in eating and sleeping. Eventually most of us adapt to the changes, but for some people the whole season feels uncomfortable and out of sync.

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