Why should you have on-going treatment?

If life is what you are struggling with, what’s the purpose of homeopathy? We were talking about this today. I think that the answer is two-fold.

1 Because it helps with how you feel right here and right now.

2 Because it enables your vital force/energy/life force/call it what you will, to react to a situation of stress and then return to health rather than leaving it to have to adapt itself to the new stress. Well, what’s wrong with adapting to a stress? Nothing really as long as it is the only one you are going to have to adapt to.

The way I see it, life exerts all sorts of stresses and strains on you and with the help of homeopathy you can get over them, let them pass and regain your equilibrium.

It was the difference between a timber framed building, which has hardly any foundations but which adapts to wind, rain, even a shift in the earth and still remains standing centuries later versus a concrete building in which you need the deepest foundations to ensure that nothing moves, because if it does the whole edifice crumbles.

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