Can homeopathy help me?

When people contact me about treatment, nine times out of ten they will ask ‘Can homeopathy help me? Can you treat my asthma, my son’s eczema, my arthritis, my digestive problems?’ whatever is causing them most discomfort right now. My answer is always the same: ‘No, but I can treat you, or your son’.

It’s not surprising that we think of our health in terms of disease labels. That is how we are diagnosed. Each thing that isn’t functioning is labelled and treated according to a proscribed protocol. You are almost never treated as the complete whole that you are.

But arthritis (eczema, asthma, constipation, insomnia etc) aren’t what is wrong with you. They are just a symptom of what is wrong with you. That’s why a homeopathic case taking is nothing like going to the Dr. I don’t particularly need to know when it started. I don’t particularly need to know if it runs in your family. Those things are interesting and sometimes relevant, but what I really want to know is you. What makes you who you are. What is unique about you and how you experience the signs and the symptoms of ill health, of disease. What makes you different from everyone else with the same diagnosis, not what you have in common.

Insomnia sleeplessness

A homeopathic consultation is often quite cathartic, so I sometimes wait to give a first prescription. After catharsis we generally feel a lift in mood, an unburdening and I don’t want you or me to be in any doubt what improvements in how you feel are to do with telling your story and what is to do with the action of the remedy.

That’s why it often takes two hours or more for a first appointment; there’s a lot to know about.

So how does it help then?

I don’t know how homeopathy works. I only know it does. Sceptics say it’s placebo, and I don’t argue with that, but if it is placebo, well, I’m pretty good at placebo prescribing.

I have an image in mind when I’m working with you that your vital energy comes through a tube, perhaps like a long bendy straw. Life, stresses, the environment, drugs, late nights, whatever, cause the straw to get knots and kinks in it. You can still get a tiny drink through it if you suck hard enough but it’s not what you’d call a flow. A good remedy unbends a kink, unties a knot and things start to flow more easily. As they do that, you’ll experience a lightening of your mood and an increase in your energy which will lead to you being able to undo the things that are causing you problems (the arthritis, constipation, coughs and cold) that you came to see me for.

How long is it going to take?

Once we’ve found the right remedy, sometimes called your constitutional remedy, things will start to get better but they will go at the speed that is right for you. We can start to undo the kinks and knots, but we can’t decide what order they are going to get better in. Some people notice the response immediately and others it is more of a slow burn. Whatever happens will be as unique to you; you get unwell in your own way, and getting better will be your own route too.

Can homeopathy help me then?

Yes. If you want to talk more about it, contact me here.

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  1. Ann Collins-Ackroyd January 24, 2023 / 7:17 pm

    Please how do i make an appointment

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