There’s been quite a lot going on in my life recently and this morning, one too many people said that I look tired. I saw this joke on Facebook, the laugh of which presumably is that anyone would feel better after doing that for three weeks, so I decided to do this myself. To make sure I do and that I keep it up, I am going to post every day with my progress.

Join me? Leave a comment if you’d like to do any or all of it.

Day 0: Sleep, some good, some bad. Waking with the early light but I am feeling sluggish.

I can definitely fit everything on my check list into my days, but I feel like going without TV is going to be a challenge. My sluggish default is lying on the sofa reading or watching TV. Gulp. I’ve also realised that although chocolate isn’t mentioned, it is processed food so no more chocolate for three weeks.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of my self-imposed challenge. I have patients to see but I can easily fit the gym into my day. I’m hoping I wake up with determination and ambition to succeed, but I’m not confident at the moment that is going to be how I feel.

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  1. Elizabeth June 24, 2019 / 8:18 am

    Good luck Janet. I can’t join you as I am walking the coast path and this year is the hardest for motivation ever experienced. Last year I was up and away. But in doldrums like this I always say, just START. Aim for any target, doesn’t have to be the full shebang, but if you START, then you’ll likely add to that and definitely reach the goals you hope for. So good luck. (This advice is only for the days you feel sluggish.)

    • janetco4 June 24, 2019 / 8:52 am

      That’s really useful. I love long-distance walking; place to place with no choice of not doing it or where to go. I am going to try and tap into that energy; no choice, just one foot in front of the other because this is the path I’m on.

      Tell us where you are or how you’re doing and it’ll inspire me. Thanks

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