Coronavirus and homeopathy

Lots of people are asking me how homeopathy can help them to avoid getting Coronavirus. I think it’s a broader question than that. Homeopathy is a way, my way, of staying well. But it doesn’t work alone.

There’s a new virus out there.

We can’t do anything to change that. Now, it’s disrupting our lives in ways that seemed inconceivable a month ago; streets are empty, shops are empty, theatres and restaurants are closing and we are being asked to practice social distancing (a phrase I wouldn’t have understood until two weeks ago).

It’s frightening, but it is also interesting jumping off point to think again about our health.

We all know that the medical model is to inoculate against it. Right now, even if you were of a mind to do that, there isn’t a vaccine.

So what can you do?

If the government is right and 80% of the population is going to get it, there’s a good chance that you are too. You can reduce the chances of getting it soon if you follow advice; you should definitely ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, try to avoid touching your face and eyes unless you have scrupulously clean hands and throw away tissues you sneeze into, keep away from anyone who might have the symptoms or who has been in contact with someone who has, monitor your health closely and keep up with recent advice.

What else can you do?

You can take precautions like avoid contact with people, wear a face mask or isolate yourself for the time being, but it seems to me that, as with all contagious health problems, the most effect use of your energy is to take steps to be as well as possible so you have the best chance if you become infected.


Eat well, drink lots of water, don’t suppress symptoms (from sweat to headaches, bad breath to skin rashes) enjoy your fiends, take exercise, sleep well and try to minimise stress, perhaps by meditation and if that is new to you, you could try an app to help.

I know that!

Yes, me too. All of the above are actions we should always take because a healthy person is less likely to succumb to external pathogens. I’m sure we all know this. But do you do them? I don’t. But I am now.

Could this perhaps this could be the silver lining of Coronavirus; we could stop taking our health for granted? This is a wake up call. It’s up to you whether you pull the duvet over your head or get up and get at it.

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