Stressed and tired of getting ill?

alt=stressed and illDoes this sound familiar? You get ill every time you get stressed. It could be a migraine, cold sores, it could be colds, stomach upsets or fungal infections. If this is you, it doesn’t matter what the illness is, it is draining and predictable.

Modern-day life. Ancient body response.

Here’s what happens. Anxieties, worries about work, feeling over-stretched, money problems or just the way your phone never stops ringing, these are all aspects of modern-day living, but they get to you. When your brain thinks you are under threat your body releases adrenalin into the blood stream. It’s a natural response which triggers a raise in blood sugar levels and triglycerides (fats) which are meant to help you when you have to take action. Your ancestors might have been fighting for their lives or running away. Today, you usually can’t physically run away from something stressful and it’s just as rare that you can stop or avoid the problem. When we can’t physically remove ourselves from stressful things we lie awake playing them over and over which causes more adrenalin to be released. Classic vicious circle. You have all the mental worry and no physical action to take to burn off the adrenalin.

You shouldn’t be surprised that you get ill.

Everyone has an area of weakness and the weak area is what will ‘give way’ first. (Don’t be envious of people who don’t appear to have a weak area. The same reaction is happening in them too, but it is deeply internal and the results might not appear until much later and are often much worse.)

What can you do about it?

Well, obviously try to reduce stressors in your life. I can hear you shouting ‘It’s not possible. 21st century life is just stressful’. In fact there are things that you can do:

1)         Try to help your stress hormone system by doing things one at a time. One way that people run away from their problems is by so-called multi-tasking, but jumping from one thing to another will actually increase your feeling of panic and the release of adrenalin. Use your time to complete one task at a time and that will be better for your effectiveness and mental health.

2)         If you are not ready to deal with your problems, use up the energy reserves in your blood and burn the adrenalin off; take some vigorous exercise like swimming, dancing or running.

3)          Relax. I know it’s easier said than done and it takes time to learn but try and develop good sleep habits: take quiet time before bed (no looking at your phone or tablet screens), develop a quiet routine, write a list of things that need to be done so you don’t have to think about them until tomorrow. Maybe try a meditation class.

4)         Build up your weak areas. This is where homeopathy comes in. Homeopathic remedies work with life force energy at a deep, deep level to help you build resistance in your areas of weakness. (I used to get appalling sore throats until I addressed it with homeopathy. Now it would be very rare for me to get tonsillitis or any other throat thing.)

I want you to get the benefits that I’ve got from homeopathy over the years. Make yourself at home and have a look around my website. And come back and read the next post.

If you have any questions you’d like addressed, let me know below and I’ll do a post about them.

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