Insomnia and why sleep is so important

Insomnia sleeplessness
I can’t sleep!

Yes, you¬†know what it’s like to have insufficient sleep. You wake up feeling hungover, fuzzy in the head, heavy eyed, dull thinking, maybe with a headache, grumpy and not fit for the day. But do you remember what it’s like to wake up after a really good sleep? Feeling bright, cheerful, capable of getting on with the day and optimistic.

There is a reason for the difference. The brain, which is only about 2% of the body’s total weight, uses up 25% of its energy. All metabolism has toxic by-products which the lymphatic system carries away. So far, just basic level biology. But what happens to all the toxins that accumulate around brain cells (using a quarter of the calories you consume)? The lymphathic system is not connected to the brain. Continue reading

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