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Life is speeding by


alt=life speeding by
Stop the world I want to get off.

Your life is passing too quickly. Time is going too fast. Every day seems to flash by in a whirr of things that have to be done and your To Do list doesn’t get shorter despite your best intentions.

It’s true that days, weeks, months and even years seem to go more quickly. It’s common across the generations. As a teenager I remember hearing uncles and aunts saying how fast life was going, and my grandparents telling them ‘just wait until you’re my age’.

It is not unusual

Apparently the reasons that we feel like this are because we are either distracted and don’t pay enough attention to each thing that we do, or we have to do things that cause us stress and anxiety and so we don’t concentrate on the time we are not doing them.

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Stressed and tired of getting ill?

alt=stressed and illDoes this sound familiar? You get ill every time you get stressed. It could be a migraine, cold sores, it could be colds, stomach upsets or fungal infections. If this is you, it doesn’t matter what the illness is, it is draining and predictable.

Modern-day life. Ancient body response.

Here’s what happens. Anxieties, worries about work, feeling over-stretched, money problems or just the way your phone never stops ringing, these are all aspects of modern-day living, but they get to you. When your brain thinks you are under threat your body releases adrenalin into the blood stream. It’s a natural response which triggers a raise in blood sugar levels and triglycerides (fats) which are meant to help you when you have to take action. Your ancestors might have been fighting for their lives or running away. Today, you usually can’t physically run away from something stressful and it’s just as rare that you can stop or avoid the problem. When we can’t physically remove ourselves from stressful things we lie awake playing them over and over which causes more adrenalin to be released. Classic vicious circle. You have all the mental worry and no physical action to take to burn off the adrenalin.

You shouldn’t be surprised that you get ill.

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Hayfever and homeopathy

alt=hayfeverYou’ve got itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing. It’s hayfever time again. Or maybe you’re bracing yourself because for you it isn’t tree pollen (which is normally the first irritant) but grass pollen (which is coming soon).

If you are already treated by a homeopath, I bet they’ve told you that you need to be treated out of hayfever season. Why? Because hayfever isn’t an acute illness. Although it might feel like a terrible cold, it isn’t the same thing at all. It’s what is called a recurring sub-acute. This means that when the symptoms have gone away, the illness or disease hasn’t. That is because the disease is the sensitivity to the pollen not the reaction to it. So, even when the season has passed this year, it will almost certainly be back next year.

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Disease Mongering

I know, I watch too much TV
 Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz
Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan. It reminds me of the science orientated, questing, debating family I grew up in. I was watching an episode recently (The Mommy Observation) in which Leonard says to Penny: ‘You don’t go into science for the money.’ To which Bernadette pipes up ‘Speak for your self. Last month my company both invented and cured Restless Eye Syndrome.’ It’s fiction, but what Bernadette is referring to is Disease Mongering.

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Homeopathy. Who uses it?

Who uses homeopathyOn my website I have a page entitled ‘Who Uses Homeopathy’ which outlines that homeopathy is used from cradle to grave. I treat couples having difficulty becoming pregnant or maintaining pregnancies through to people who want support in their very last days. Every April I review the previous year’s new patients and what brought them to me. Maybe you will find it interesting to see the results of the year 2014/15.

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Up in Smoke. Living with a cannabis user

alt=smoking cannabisThis blog post is specifically about living with a cannabis user. The debate about cannabis is raging in the media. Is it seriously damaging our mental health or less harmful than tobacco or alcohol? Should it be decriminalised or legalised? What people said probably refers as much to any other addiction as it does to cannabis whether that is alcohol, chocolate, aerobics or tobacco. Cannabis takes you out of yourself. The users thought that was great. For non-users that was a problem.

I talked to people for whom living with someone smoking was a problem.

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alt=shameYou’ve got a secret. There are things you’ve never told anyone about yourself. You feel if other people knew they would completely change their opinion of you. In your worst nightmare they’d judge you and you’d be out there, on your own.

More people than you’d think have a secret. In a consultation I might ask someone if there is something they’ve never told anyone. ‘I don’t need you to tell me it’ I say ‘just tell me if there is something that no one knows about you’.

Secrets cause ill health

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Homeopathy, fat and overeating

alt=girl eating donutsYou are overweight and still you eat too much. You’ve tried every diet in the book. There are things you just can’t stop eating once you start. Join the club, well, you probably have joined several as a way to stop eating so much and lose weight. I’ve had more people ask me if homeopathy can help with their weight than any other question.

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Help! I’m so indecisive.

alt=indecision. I can't make up my mindWhat’s the word: Indecision, uncertainty, irresolution, vacillation, doubt?

You can’t make up your mind about something. Actually, you can’t make up your mind about anything. You just swap from one decision to the next. And back again! Everyone gets frustrated with you when you chop and change or hum and haw about what you are going to do or say but whatever you call it, being indecisive is worse for you than it is for the people around you who express their frustration with it.

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What goes on in a Homeopathic consultation?

alt= homeopathic consultationHow come it takes an hour or more?

A homeopathic consultation is like no other.  Homeopathic theory says that every illness is an external sign of the internal disturbance of your vital force, you chi, your life force, whatever you want to call it. What I am doing in a homeopathic consultation with a patient is trying to find the trail that will lead me to the right remedy to start to correct the disturbance in your vital force. All I have to do is find the remedy that matches your symptoms. The easier part of the equation is finding the remedy. The harder part is establishing the symptoms.

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